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Kim D. Rancho Santa Margarita

You saved me from surgery #12 on my scalp! Thank you for discovering the real cause of the growths on my scalp that the doctors couldn’t figure out!

Linda D. Los Angeles

I first met Lynda a year and a half ago when I was struggling with a chronically low energy level. I had just done an adrenal lab test and she was the Depke Wellness hormone expert who worked with me on my test results and provided a plan to address what was going on with me. My adrenal level of functioning was very low, which explained at least partly my experience. Lynda was very thorough in first covering all the basics of health that are often forgotten such as proper breathing, water, sleep, etc. and then provided a very specific daily plan and protocol to address my symptoms, including supplements and support with any questions.

She was patient, knowledgeable, and gently guided me through my fears reassuring me that I could heal, even though it would take some time. Knowing this wasn’t going to be a quick fix helped me also be patient with myself. I am feeling better now in many ways. My daily energy level is improving, I can feel the progress to varying degrees on different days. I feel that I am on my way, because I was very low on the chart of my adrenal function. I don’t need as many extra hours of sleep like I used to, I feel confident I am giving my body the care and support it needs, and feel the healing taking place. I am feeling more optimistic and positive about improving my health and the progress I have made so far with Lynda’s help. I feel more peaceful, happier, and more at home in my body. I also discovered, through lab testing, that I had some bacterial gut infections and Lynda guided me in a 3-month powerful yet balanced protocol which helped me begin to heal my body on that level, which has also improved my greater overall health.

I continue to fine tune my health issues, and the guidance and support from Lynda feels solid and spot on. I am being patient with myself and she respects the pace at which I am ready to go. I have also learned thyroid lifestyle tips from Lynda, being in harmony with nature, light, and sunrise, to help maximize my energy level, which slowly and sometimes dramatically improves, and I am grateful to have Lynda’s support, knowledge, help and guidance on this journey. I also know there are many others for whom she can also be a huge support in improving their health. As Lynda says, Joy and Health to you!

Kelly H. Riverside

After the last session with you, I was able to open my mouth wide enough to get dental x-rays for the first time in 7 years and also to have a thorough, comfortable dental cleaning for the first time in 7 years....Everyone in the office and I were thrilled.  Thank You!