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Our Team

The Vidya Wellness Team

Vidya is the sanskrit word for wisdom. We help your body-mind find its inner wisdom by giving it the support it needs to heal itself.

I couldn’t provide the best wellness care for you without the help of our wonderful crew. Some work behind the scenes, while others may work with you directly on your journey to vitality.

Angela Arvanitis – Buyer
Angela brings the best products to you as we source raw materials and finished supplements to support your body in its journey back to healthy balance.

Vassilios “Billy” Dimitriadis – Massage and Energy Therapist
Billy provides our clients with Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Sports massage, as well as Craniosacral therapy and Reiki.

Ysidro “JR” Mendivil – Functional Movement Expert
JR brings strength, balance, and fitness to people of all fitness levels. You’ll be surprised at what your body can do after a few sessions with JR.

Bob Neimeyer – Sports Nutrition Specialist
Bob specializes in optimized nutrition for marathoners, triathletes, and long-distance cyclists.

Shala Neimeyer – Accounting
Shala does the numbers work so I can focus on you, dear clients.

Jane Tran – Researcher
Jane seeks out the latest clinical studies and knowledge and digs up old, nearly forgotten wellness wisdom as we seek out the best supporting nutrients and herbs to test and blend. We stay informed to keep up with your changing health needs in the modern world.

Kay Nguyen – Meditation and Vegan Nutrition
Kay Specializes in the special dietary and supplement needs of our vegan clients. Veganism can be a difficult path when dealing with food sensitivities and chronic health challenges. Kay also guides and teaches meditation methods to move your mind from a state of dis-ease of one of balance, grace and ease.