EVOO Update: Major fake Italian EVOO ring busted

Italian police during olive oil company bust

photo by Francesca Mueller



There was such strong interest in my post about how fake extra virgin olive oil has invaded our store shelves that I wanted to post this heartening followup story reported by Truth in Olive Oil:

In May and June of 2012, Italian authorities arrested four executives of Azienda Olearia Valpeasana — one of Italy’s largest olive oil traders — and confiscated 8,000 tons of its fake olive oil.  This amount is estimated to be only a quarter of the stash this company intended to pass off as extra virgin olive oil.   Azienda Olearia Valpesana supplied olive oil to some of Italy’s leading olive oil companies to be sold as extra virgin olive oil.

Read the details of the sting operation here.

To protect yourself from spending your money on fake EVOO, stick to California olive oils or consult Truth in Olive Oil’s resource list of approved olive oils.  Costco’s Kirkland Organic EVOO has also been tested and proven to be the real deal.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Oh boy. Who knew there could be so much controversy in olive oil?

  2. There is now a bottle of Kirkland olive oil at my house, and I feel a bit comforted each time I look at it, because I’ve done my homework.